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On this page you will find the Formula SAE International Rules, the FSG Rules, the SAE-A Local Addendum, templates, and documents relevant to the 2022 Formula SAE-A competition.


Rules, Documents and Templates

Formula SAE Sales Presentation Documents, Design Evaluation Documents, Cost Report Documents, Technical Inspection Documents, and Competition Resources can also be found by visiting the Series Resources tab at


Please check back to this page for further templates and documents that are relevant to the 2022 Formula SAE-A competition as they become available.  


Understanding how to Submit your Team Electronic Documents Submission

All electronic document submissions are to be uploaded to the appropriate section of the form HERE by the Team Leader, using a University or official team email address. 
Hint: when prompted to sign in, select More options → Create account → I prefer to use my current email address.   
Submissions will only be accessible by SAE-A event organisers, judges and nominated persons.





Formula Rules, Documents & Templates


  Admin - Application for 2021 Final Year Student to Participate at FSAE-A 2022
  Admin - Team Communication Protocol
  Admin - Under 18 Parent/Guardian Consent
  AV 300mm Blue Road Cone
  AV 300mm Blue Road Cone render
  AV 300mm Orange Road Cone
  AV 300mm Orange Road Cone render
  AV 300mm Yellow Road Cone
  AV 300mm Yellow Road Cone render
  AV 450mm Orange Road Cone
  AV 450mm Orange Road Cone render
  AV Demonstration Autonomous Systems Form *available soon*
  AV Hydraulic Pneumatic System Template *available soon*
  AV Mechanical Parts Template *available soon*
  AV Operation Diagram Template *available soon*
  AV Schematic Diagrams Template *available soon*
  AV Vehicle Overview Template *available soon*
  AV Wiring Diagram Template *available soon*


  Business Presentation - Concept and Scoring 2022 *available soon*


  Cost Event - Cost Module Guide
  Cost Event - Cost Update Addendum Format
  Cost Event - eBOM FSAE Template
  Cost Event - Fasteners Table
  Cost Event - Guidelines Supplement 2022
  Cost Event - Materials Table Aust Update_2021
  Cost Event - Table Process Multipliers
  Cost Event - Table Processes
  Cost Event - Table Tooling
  Cost Event - Task 2022 (Due Oct)


  Design Event - Design EV Spec Sheet Template
  Design Event - Design IC Spec Sheet Template
  Design Event - Guide to Threaded Fasteners
  Design Event - Scoring 2022 *available soon*


  EV - Electric System Form Template V2.1
  EV - Electrical Vehicle Fusible Link Testing Guidelines
  EV - Energy Meter Installation Manual
  EV - ESA/ESO Template


  IC - ETC FMEA Template 2022


  Jack Images
  Jacking Point Rule


  Motorsport Australia Risk Warning, Disclaimer and Indemnity


  Nose Cone Artwork 2022 *available soon*


  Rules - Addendum 2022 FSAE-A v4
  Rules - Autonomous Vehicle Addendum 2022 FSAE-A
  Rules - FS Vehicles Competing at FSAE-A Competition
  Rules - FSAE 2022 V21
  Rules - Q & A Document FSAE-A
  Rules - REFERENCE ONLY FS Europe 2022


  SES 2022-FSAE-A Important Update
  SES 2022-FSAE-Structural-Equivalency-Spreadsheet_Steel-Tube_V1.5
  SES 2022-FSAE-Structural-Equivalency_Monocoque-Hybrid-Non-Ferrous_V1.5


  Technical Inspection AV
  Technical Inspection IC
  Technical Inspection Sheet EV