SAE-A is an assessment entity for mechanical engineers in Victoria enabling the continued advancement of the engineering profession with the professional development requirements set out in this scheme. The Victorian PER Act 2019 requires any person who provides professional engineering services to be registered unless they work under the direct supervision of a professional engineer who is registered to practise, or work only in accordance with a prescriptive standard.


The Professional Engineers Registration (PER) Act 2019 addresses the four requirements which apply to the scheme:

    1. Adequately provides for the assessment of qualifications and competencies of engineers in an identifiable area of engineering i.e., structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, or fire safety engineering
    2. Is consistent with national and international standards for the recognition of professional engineers
    3. Includes procedures for the assessment of applicants for registration and endorsement that are conducted in an independent and professional manner
    4. Includes adequate CPD requirements for professional engineers and an effective audit program to ensure registration and endorsement requirements are met


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   View the Victorian Engineers Act

PDF image     How do I qualify for registration?
PDF image     Who needs to register as a professional engineer?
PDF image     If I am a VASS signatory do I need to register under the PERS system?
PDF image     Who is exempt from registration based on being deemed to be supervised?
PDF image     How should I proceed if I have undergone an assessment by another organisation or entity?
PDF image     What will the assessor be looking for to approve my application?
PDF image     Can I appeal if my application is rejected?
PDF image     Once my registration has been assessed and approved, am I required to complete ongoing training during my period of registration; and what is involved to achieve this requirement?
PDF image     What is the cost of assessment and registration?
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    What paperwork do I need to apply for registration?


If you are satisfied that you are required to be registered for this scheme, click on the applicable 'Apply Here' button below. 




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Members of the public are encouraged to contact Consumer Affairs Contact us - Consumer Affairs Victoria to report unregistered professional engineers.