Dictionary for Automotive Engineers - Print


This authoritative reference provides clearly written, easy-to-understand definitions for over 1,800 terms used in automotive engineering worldwide. Unlike a standard dictionary that provides only definitions, the SAE International’s Dictionary for Automotive Engineers provides a unique level of detail including:
• In-depth definitions including formulas and equations where appropriate.
• Over 300 full-color illustrations to provide clarity for a definition, component, or system identification.
• References to relevant SAE Standards to direct to additional information beyond a practical definition.
• Coverage of newer technologies such as electric vehicles, automated vehicles, hydrogen fuel.
Organized in alphabetical order, readers will find most acronyms are listed first followed by the term then the definition to mimic conventional usage of acronyms within the industry.
Available in print or eBook. 662 pages in a hardbound - John Kershaw Ed D, 2023-01-13


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