"Enhancing university education by bringing industry into the classroom"


Formula SAE-A Competition

5th - 8th December 2024

Calder Park Raceway


We can guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like Formula SAE-A – a competition where university students design, build and compete in their very own Formula-style open-wheeled racing car.

Formula SAE-A has been embraced by Universities since its 2000 inception, providing an exciting, challenging and realistic platform which enables the students to put into practice the outcomes of their studies.  

Each December, thousands of students, volunteers and spectators get to experience around 35 university teams pitting their machines head-to-head in this educational program. And the secret’s out. The event is now also attracting teams from across the world including UK, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand and the USA.

Students with Formula SAE-A experience are recognised as highly motivated and capable professionals and are in great demand. The competition provides an environment for students to develop problem-solving and outcome-focused management skills within a resource-limited organisation that the industry is seeking in the next-generation STEM workforce.

Team members are headhunted for their unique skillsets in engineering, management, leadership, teamwork, marketing and finance, each honed to perfection in this real-life commercial project.

Through Formula SAE-A we are creating the next innovators, superstars and leaders of tomorrow’s mobility and transport technologies sector. And by making the event known to every industry sector, we’re introducing these young engineers to prospective employers who need team members that can ‘hit the ground running from day one of their careers.


Self-driving cars are entering the market, bringing about a full-scale revolution in how we travel. As the technology evolves, we challenge students to design, build and race the next generation of autonomous formula student vehicles


"Formula SAE is more than a car race.  It provides team members with experiences that reflect real corporate automotive life.
Funding, marketing, design, collaboration, suppliers, testing, theory, production, failure, respect, resilience and teamwork.
And perhaps one of the most important, deadlines actually mean something.
Attracting Engineering graduates with Formula SAE experience is a priority. In part because of the skills aforementioned, but also because we find them to be “job ready”.
Half of the current SEA electric design team are SAE Alumni. Two now hold leadership positions. And still more have moved on from our employ into the zero emission vehicle landscape of Australia.

We cannot speak more highly of the value of Formula SAE and we look forward to participating in and benefitting from its continued success."

Glen Walker
Vice President - Asia Pacific
SEA Electric



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