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On this page you will find the Formula SAE-A 2021: Rules Addendum including SAE International Rules.  All other Information about the 2021 Formula SAE-A Event and when team registrations will open will follow soon.


Rules and Important Documents

FSAE-A Addendum 2021


FSAE-A Rules Addendum v.03 June 15 2021 (PDF)

This Addendum defines Revisions and Clarifications versus the International 2021 Formula SAE-I Rules for the December 2021 Formula SAE-A competition. Except where otherwise noted, this Addendum applies to both Internal Combustion Engine Powered Vehicles and Electric Vehicles. Teams should particularly note the local requirements relating to On-site Registration, Technical Inspection and Driver Requirements in the Applicable sections of this Addendum. Note: Wherever it is not clear as to application of the rules to a proposed vehicle design, or a radically new concept is proposed for a vehicle, the team should submit the concept to the Rules Committee in advance and not rely only on the team interpretation of the rules, as they may not have been drafted with this proposed new concept in mind. Any updates which are made from the prior year 2020 Addendum for the planned physical event prior to the change to a Static Only) On-Line Event, are highlighted in blue text. Please read all the rules carefully.

FSG Rules (PDF)

FSAEI Rules (Online)


Understanding how to Submit your Team Electronic Document Submissions

All electronic document submissions are to be uploaded to the appropriate section of by the Team Leader, using a University or official team email address. Hint: when prompted to sign in, select More options → Create account → I prefer to use my current email address.   
Submissions will only be accessible by SAE-A event organisers, judges and nominated persons.

Documents and Templates

Formula SAE Sales Presentation Documents, Design Evaluation Documents, Cost Report Documents, Technical Inspection Documents, and Competition Resources can now be found by visiting the Series Resources tab at


2021 Documents

Instructions for Energy Meter for 2021 (PDF)

Team Communication Protocol (PDF)


Please note the following documents will be updated soon for the 2021 Competition.

Cost Task 2020

Cost Event Assembly and Part Cost Templates

Cost Event Cover Page and EBOM - Total Vehicle Template

Materials Cost Table

Cost Event Webinar Document Presentation (presented 13/10/2020)

Cost Table Processes

Cost Table Tooling

Cost Table Process Multipliers

Cost Table Fasteners

2020 EV Class Technical Inspection Sheet

2020 ICE Class Technical Inspection Sheet

2020 Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet Form

Guide to Threaded Fasteners

Team Member List Template

Design Event Scoring (presented at Design Event Webinar 12/10/2020)


**While continuing to enable use of the Excel spreadsheets, FSAE-A are negotiating with the USA and the UK on potential ability to access one of their latest tools for Cost report compilation in future years. If we are able to do this, it will provide a better system for teams and officials. Therefore we cannot advise at this stage what will be the system in future years but will keep teams advised. It is probably only a 50% probability this will be achieved for 2021