What is CPD?


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the way to show how you are keeping yourself updated in training and learning, expanding your knowledge, maintaining your technical skills, and progressing your engineering career.

While preparing for a CPD, the below-listed points should be followed and should contain detailed information about the activity such as:

  • Seminars and conferences you participated in
  • Technical meetings and gatherings that you attended
  • Discussion groups, the technical organisation you are involved in
  • The presentation you have given on technical subjects.
  • The research papers you have written
  • Articles, journals, and other materials that you read
  • Any volunteering work or services that you have given in the engineering field
  • Different technical courses and workshops you have taken

The CPD requirement is:

  • If the applicant worked full-time as a registered practising professional engineer –150 hours of structured CPD is required in the last three years, irrespective of the area/s in which they are registered. 
  • Your 150 hours are expected to be undertaken across a breadth of continuing professional development (CPD) activities.  
  • a practising professional engineer working part-time or who took a career break – 90 hours
  • a non-practising professional engineer – 90 hours
  • a professional engineer who transferred between practising and non-practising or vice versa – pro rata based on the time working as a registered practising professional engineer and the time registered as a non-practising professional engineer.

Breakdown of Points:

  • At least 33 percent of CPD hours must relate to technical matters relevant to the area/s of engineering in which the applicant is registered. 
  • The remaining CPD should be in related areas. For example, project management, ethics and law, risk management, communication, health and safety programs, occupational health and safety training, and mentoring junior engineers. 
  • If you worked part-time as a registered practising professional engineer or took a career break* – The CPD requirement is reduced to 90 hours of structured CPD in the last three years, irrespective of the area/s in which they are registered.

To be eligible to renew your registration and endorsement, you must have completed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) during the past three years.

For example, if you work for two years as a practising professional engineer – pro rata this would be 100 hours of CPD – plus one year registered as a non-practising professional engineer – pro rata. This would be 30 hours – totalling 130 hours of completed CPD to be eligible for renewal.