COVID-19 Refund Policy



As Covid grips our country and dictates our movements, we are all trying to crystal ball the future and that is not possible. Although we are hopeful that by the time we get to December, the situation will be stable, but we do know that things can change very quickly.
Based on our experience with the timing of expenses incurred for this event, SAE-A has decided on the following Covid policy.

Should the event be cancelled due to Governments edict to ban travel due to Covid or teams ability to travel is restricted due to their State Government ruling on travel then teams will be entitled to a refund of the full fees paid, less SAE-A's actual incurred expenses, capped at 20% of the full registration.
We are currently working with all our suppliers to delay any payments so they are as close as possible to the event and thus minimise any financial risk due to cancellation
Please remember that this is only a refund policy pertaining to Covid, any team withdrawing for other reasons, the normal refund policy applies



Added 22/7/2021