Autonomous Vehicles

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The future is upon us

Self-driving technologies and vehicles with autonomous capabilities are becoming increasingly prevalent on our road networks. Over the course of the last decade, SAE-A has embraced emerging technologies with the establishment of the EV category, and is now working towards launching a third competition category for autonomous vehicles (AV).

For the 2021 FSAE-A competition, we are proud to announce that we will be running non-scored dynamic events for teams wishing to showcase AV capabilities. The rules will be based on Formula Student Germany (FSG 2020_V1.) with the local AV draft amendments to be published shortly. Teams wishing to participate in the AV category should note that all vehicles will need to comply with FSAE-A general rules and amendments, and all AVs will have to pass an additional round of scrutineering for AV specific systems.

In order for SAE and teams to be best prepared for this year's competition we encourage teams that are interested in competing in the A.V Class to register their interest as soon as possible so we have an early idea of what kind of mountain we need to climb before December.  

Please direct further questions and enquiries to the FSAE-A  A.V sub-committee via email to 


Autonomous Vehicles Rules 2021


2021 FSAE-A AV Demonstration Autonomous Systems Form (ASF) Requirements

AV teams are required to submit the following forms as per the ASF. 

FSAE-A AV Demonstration Systems Form (ASF) Requirements (PDF)