As a Fellow of SAE-A you will be recognised as having made a significant contribution to the Society and the mobility industry.

Eligibility for Fellow membership 
Applicants will have exceeded the requirements for Member grade of SAE-A and will have attained the following additional requisites:
  • held position(s) of major responsibility in charge of significant automotive engineering activities for at least 25 years, or
  • have been in charge of the design and development of an automotive engineering product of nationally recognised importance, or
  • have high educational qualifications in engineering and have made a noteworthy contribution to the science of automotive engineering in Australia, or
  • have contributed to automotive engineering in Australasia to an exceptional degree as a result of an extensive career in positions of responsibility, and 
  • have satisfied the Directors of their worthiness for election to this grade.
Application requirements 
Applications will be determined by the applicants educational qualifications and the level of responsibility in their professional career.  A detailed current resume outlining the training, education and areas of responsibility must be clearly highlighted.  The application must also contain two referees, preferably current members of the SAE-A who can verify the statements of experience and qualifications submitted by the applicant. 

Recognition of your qualifications by using the SAE-A post nominals to identify yourself in the engineering community. You can use the SAE-A post nominals on LinkedIn, business cards, company stationery etc to promote your involvement with SAE-A.

To apply for upgrade to Fellow grade please review the eligibility criteria and submit the requested documents to Membership Services at info@sae-a.com.au or call
0403 267166 to discuss your application.

Annual fees will apply. 

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