On behalf of the SAE-A Management Syndicate I recently met with Victorian Government officials to discuss the status and impact of draft legislation that requires engineers to be registered in Victoria. As this Bill is in draft form, many details have yet to be finalised.

Fortunately for our members, we are now directly involved in the process and hence will be making a contribution to the Bill’s content over the next few months. When passed, the Bill will require all engineers to meet educational standards and maintain a Continuous Professional Development program in order to gain and retain their registration. Once registered, engineers will then be able to legally practice in their field of expertise in Victoria.

This new scheme will be rolled out progressively, possibly over the next 4 years, however initially there will be 2 levels of engineer, a registered engineer and one required to work under the direction of a registered engineer. In time it is expected that all engineers will be registered in Victoria.

An important element of this Bill will be the assessment process, that role will likely be delegated to appropriate organisations such as SAE-A hence we are planning to be such a body, again that will be part of the details yet to be finalised.

I will keep you posted as things develop.

Adrian Feeney
Hon. Secretary and CEO

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