Student & Graduates

SAE Australasia is dedicated to providing you with the support you need to in the early stages of your professional career and in substantially increasing your employability in the automotive industry.

We have invested in developing this service to our student and graduate members through the implementation of events, training, and networking opportunities that you need to engage in to maximise your chances of the success you desire in your career.

Some key value that the SAE-A can offer includes:

  • Internship opportunities for engineering or business related projects at the Society’s National Office. This is a great opportunity to be mentored by practicing senior engineers and given responsibility for specific projects to allow your personal brand to be developed and recognised. Click here for more information
  • Recognition of your qualifications by using the SAE-A post nominals to identify yourself in the engineering community. You can use these post nominals on Linked-In, business cards, company stationery, etc. to promote your involvement with the SAE-A. The SAE-A grading guidelines can be viewed here
  • Access to relevant training and information sessions, both delivered through online webinar and also in classroom sessions. The SAE-A has focused this training on the skills that employers look for that are generally not taught in universities. More info here Events Calendar.
  • A national forum for networking, which covers OE, the accessories (modified vehicles), and the vehicle service industry sectors. Many engineers make the mistake of not investing their time and resources in enough networking events, and suffer the consequences in their professional portability
  • Subscription to the quarterly VTE magazine, monthly VTE e-newsletter, and weekly event updates that include technical articles and industry news. These publications are designed specifically to enable you to understand your industry and keep abreast of its latest developments
  • Optional joint membership with the SAE International, which gives you access to an additional range of training courses, magazines, and other benefits from dual membership at a reduced price.

The SAE-A provides a four year sliding-scale pricing structure to provide this involvement in the most cost effective way

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