SAE-A President, Mario Turcarelli, Visits Japan SAE

Japan SAE (JSAE) is one of the world’s most influential and significant Automotive Societies with over 55,000 members. SAE-A and JSAE have enjoyed a close relationship for over seventy years, and this year, it was an honour to be invited, alongside SAE presidents and CEOs from several other countries around the world, to Yokohama to be a part of the celebration for the JSAE’s 70th Anniversary. The celebration was held at the Pacifico Yokohama Conference centre, located on Yokohama harbour.

After addressing the special guests, members, and SAE delegates from around the globe, President Mr. Yoshiyuki Matsumoto spoke of the 70th Commemorative Logo. The logo consists of three circles which symbolise the advancing strides and continuous challenging dynamics that are yet to come in the next three decades as JSAE approaches its 100th Anniversary. 

JSAE President Mr Yoshiyuki Matsumoto at the Opening Ceremony for the JSAE 70th Anniversary

He also spoke of the renewed intention and strength of the JSAE, and Japan’s worldwide automotive presence in imparting energy and knowledge in relation to new and emerging technologies. This was followed by a ceremony with over 1000 guests where delegates exchanged gifts and gathered for a celebration dinner. It was a very special night and all overseas visitors were treated with respect.

Mario and Silvana Turcarelli with Takao Kubuozuka, Executive Director of JSAE, wearing the commemorative 70th Anniversary kimono that was presented to us for the ceremony – one of these was also presented to the SAE-A office.

JSAE hosted the 2017 Automotive Engineering Exposition at Pacifico Exhibition Hall with over 91,000 attendees. The three-day auto show comprised of 550 exhibitors and 1150 booths, showcasing the latest high-tech auto technology from some of the world’s largest auto parts manufacturers and suppliers.

SAE Delegates from around the world attending the 70th Anniversary presentation.

Japan Sightseeing: Visit to Kamakura

Kamakura is an ancient city where Japan’s central governments used to be located. In the late 12th century, the warrior class came into political power. Its government was formed by warriors, called Bushior Samurai. 

The first Zen temple in Japan.


SAE Delegates from around the world attending the 70th Anniversary presentation.

The Bushi class was not only involved in politics but also engaged in developing Bushi culture which is represented by the spirit of simplicity and fortitude. They welcomed Zen Buddhism as a form of mental discipline. The first Zen temple in Japan was founded in Kamakura during those times. The culture created by the Kamakura Bushihas influenced Japan’s modern society. We also made time to visit the Imperial Palace, and the Temple at Asakusa!

To wrap up, it was great to be an honorary guest of the JSAE at this special event. I’d like to thank Mr. Matsumoto, President of the JSAE, and all the board of Directors, who were great hosts in looking after all the visitors and making us feel so welcomed. Japan is a beautiful, clean, and organised country. The people are helpful, warm, and friendly. Also, the rail system is an efficient way to travel around Tokyo and the surrounding cities for very little expense.

I believe that we have further strengthened our bond between the two closely-allied SAE’s. 

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