IPWG Update: Overview of Red Meat Sector 

SAE-A Newsletter - January, IPWG update: Overview of Mining and Metals 

by: Kelvin Clissold - General Manager, Professional Development


The Australian Red Meat industry makes a substantial contribution to the national economy each year. In a 2012 assessment, the Red Meat industry accounted for over $16.2 billion in Gross Domestic Product. 

Sector Information
Australia is among the world’s largest, most successful and efficient producers of commercial livestock and a leader in the export of red meat and livestock. Australian beef and live cattle exports make a significant contribution to global red meat supply and the Australian economy by being the world’s second largest exporter of beef by volume. In 2013-14, Australia produced approximately 2.5 million tonnes cwt of beef and veal. The beef and veal exports of these years were valued at more than A$4.8 billion. The US, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and the EU were the main export destinations for beef and veal, with Indonesia, the Middle East, China and Russia the main buyers of breeder slaughter cattle.

Approximately 350,000 people are involved either directly in the supply chain or in businesses that service the industry. Consumers spend an estimated $6.7 billion on beef and nearly $2.5 billion on sheepmeat annually. 

*Indicates that potential employment opportunities exist in the sub sector for automotive engineers transitioning

Red Meat Sub sectors
The red meat industry is divided into, but not limited to six sub sectors. Several of the sub sectors listed in the table include jobs with skills sets similar to automotive.

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