SAE-A Officially Launches Industry Working Group

A Program to Stop the Automotive Engineering Skills Drain In Australia

2015 July - VTE Issue 6

by: Peiman Rajaiee - Manager, IPWG

On the 28th April 2015, the Industry Programs Working Group, established to help automotive engineers find work in other Australian industries, was launched by SAE-A and the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

The closure of automotive manufacturing and some engineering design centers in Australia is expected to result in a massive skills drain over the next two to three years as many of the 1,700 Victorian based engineering professionals set to lose their jobs seek work overseas with international Automotive companies.

SAE-A has a comprehensive plan to raise the awareness of Australian Industry sectors about the capabilities of automotive industry professionals through cross industry mapping of transferable skills, and decoding industry related jargon” said Natalie Roberts, Executive Director, SAE-A.

Professional engineers hold qualifications that are internationally recognized, and their skills are extremely transferable. This has seen many pursue job opportunities offshore. To stem the flow SAE-A will work with a number of Australian industry sectors that are struggling to find suitably experienced engineers, and inform them of the valuable skills and capabilities becoming available on the employment marketplace.

Although it may be regarded as a program to help automotive engineers transitioning to their new career stage, IPWG is in fact about helping Australian industry as a whole by preventing the loss of one of our most valuable national asset’s – the knowledge & skills of our workforce – to other countries”, Peiman Rajaiee, Program Manager, commented at the SAE-A AGM meeting in May.

IPWG is working closely with Victorian Government Departments, and engaging with key stakeholders in multiple industries, to increase the understanding of the skills, training, and experience that automotive engineering staff can bring to potential new employers.

The IPWG is currently researching eight key industry sectors; mapping the skill sets required by each sector, highlighting the similarities in skills to an automotive engineer. These sectors are as follows:

Sector 0:      Automotive

Sector 1:      Health

Sector 2:      Construction

Sector 3:      Manufacturing and Agriculture

Sector 4:      Oil, Gas, Energy

Sector 5:      Mining and Metals

Sector 6:      Defence and Space

Sector 7:      Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services

Sector 8:      Education & Training

The IPWG program is for all automotive professionals – not just SAE-A members.

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Industry survey coming soon.

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