Applying for membership is easy !!

The SAE-A qualifications committee checks and endorses all membership applications and recommends the most appropriate grade of membership. The application process can take up to 6 weeks. The SAE-A welcomes and encourages applications from current members to apply for upgrading to a higher grade of membership.

Applications for individual membership require a current resume and copies of qualifications to be submitted with the application form.  The application may be delayed if this information is not provided.

A signed Code of Ethics form must be included with all applications for membership or applications for upgrade of membership.

pdf2.gifIndividual or Company membership application or Upgrade  - Click Here

pdf2.gifApplication for student membership – Click Here

pdf2.gif SAE-A Code of Ethics – Click Here

pdf2.gif Membership application and upgrading process flow – Click Here


Further Membership enquiries contact Alternatively you can contact SAE-A National Office on (03) 9676 9568