Membership Grades

The SAE-A Qualifications and Grading committee checks and assesses all membership applications and recommends the most appropriate grade of membership. The application process takes 4-6 weeks. The SAE-A also welcomes and encourages existing members to apply for upgrading to higher grades of membership, as their experience and qualifications grow.

pdf3.gifMembership Grading Guidelines – Click Here

pdf3.gifMembership Grading Matrix – Click Here

SAE-A Membership Grades and Qualifications

The following levels of membership apply:
Fellow F SAE A
Member M SAE A
Associate Member AM SAE A
Associate Member T AMT SAE A
Affiliate AFF SAE A
Student S SAE A
Graduate & Retired rates available
The following grades of membership are awarded by the board
of directors
Honorary Member HM SAE A
Honorary Life Member LM SAE A

Further Membership enquiries contact Alternatively you can contact SAE-A National Office on (03) 9676 9568.