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Company The Business Licensing Authority (BLA)  
Location  Melbourne CBD
Position Title Engineer Member - Business Licensing Authority
Position Description

The Business Licensing Authority (BLA) is an independent statutory authority established under the Business Licensing Authority Act 1998. The BLA administers the licensing and registration provisions of various business licensing legislation within Victoria. The BLA has a service agreement with Department of Justice and Community Safety (DJCS) under which it has access to the resources, staff and infrastructure necessary for it to carry out its functions.

In late August 2019, the Victorian Parliament passed what is now the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 (the Act). This Act is a co-regulatory model setting minimum requirements to:

  • practise engineering
  • require continuing professional development
  • comply with a code of conduct
  • incorporate disciplinary mechanisms.

The Professional Engineer Registration Scheme (the scheme) provides a comprehensive approach to regulating engineers within Victoria.

The schemes main goals are to:

  • Establish a mandatory, statutory registration scheme for Victorian engineers and enable the development of a nationally consistent scheme for engineers
  • Promote best practice in providing engineering services, and provide protection to consumers of professional engineering services
  • Raise the profile of Victorian engineering exports in the international market and increase demand for Victorian exports.

The scheme will commence operation by 1 July 2021 and progressively roll out to five categories of engineers (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and fire safety) by 2024.

The BLA is responsible for determining licensing and registration decisions autonomously, however members meet on a regular basis to ensure consistency in decision making and coordination of issues across different regulatory regimes. The BLA is assisted by a Registrar who is responsible for the maintenance of Public Registers; management of compliance with freedom of information and privacy legislation; management of appeals from BLA decisions; and providing procedural and policy advice to staff assisting the BLA, licensees, applicants and members of the public.

Skills Required

Are you an individual who is highly experienced and qualified in the engineering field, with a broad range of knowledge and understanding of: 

  • the engineering profession - including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and fire safety
  • the competencies required of engineers to deliver professional engineering services, and
  • education and training systems and issues for professional engineers.

In addition, you will have:

  • experience with administering licensing and registration decisions within a regulatory environment
  • proven ability to make lawful, high quality decisions
  • an understanding of the responsibilities and duties of a statutory officer
  • an understanding of the operations of government administration and an interest and experience in policy development, legislative process and regulation
  • proven capacity to provide high quality advice in a complex regulatory environment
  • high level management, leadership and interpersonal skills
  • high level oral and written communication skills, and
  • proven ability to work under pressure and prioritise workloads.

Dallas Beasley – A/Head of Talent
Phone: 0417 981 338

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