Documents specific to the Formula SAE-Australasia competition will be uploaded to this page as they become available.  

All other documents should be obtained from the International Formula SAE website here.

A breakdown of the applicability of each document can be found in the Rules section below ("Formula SAE Series Resources Applicability to SAE-A")

General Administration
 2019 Team Expressions of Interest Information Package  [Link] 
 2019 Team Registration [in working progress]
 2019 Vehicle Nosecone Decals[TBA]
 2019 Team and Driver Lists Form[in working progress)
 CAMS Disclaimer Form[Link]
 Competition Driver License Application Forms
 Declaration of Hazardous Materials Form
 Visa Invitation Letter Request for International Team    
 Winton Motor Raceway Catering Order Form

Event Information and Schedules
 2019 Key Dates and Submission Deadlines[Link] 
 2018 Formula SAE-Australasia Event Handbook                          [Link] 
V1.3 (26 November)           
 2018 Formula SAE-Australasia Public Event Program                  
V1.1 (8 November)             
 2019 Endurance/AutoCross Event Maps[TBA]              
 Insurance and Event Permits
       2019 Formula SAE-Australasia Event Permit
       2019 CAMS Certificate of Insurance   
[in working progress]
[in working progress]

 Advice for European Vehicles Competing at FSAE-A    [Link] 
 Formula SAE Series Resources Applicability to SAE-A         [Link]                               

 2018-2019 Formula SAE International Rules [Link]                                   
 V2.1 17 October 2018                    
 2019 Formula SAE-Australasia Local Rules Addendum      [Link]  V3 14 March  2019

Rules Enquiry Submission

 GOTAFE Requirements & Forms for Using Workshop [Link] 

Static Events
 2019 Cost Event Supplement [Link]    
 Cost Report - Appendix EV 3 for Electric Vehicles [Link]
 Design Event Score Sheet [Link]

 Business Case Presentation Event Score Sheet [Link]                                                                             

Technical Inspection
  Electric Vehicle (EV) Class Technical Inspection Sheet
V1.1 (29 October)  
  Internal Combustion (IC) Class Technical Inspection Sheet        [Link]V1.1 (29 October)        
  Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Checklist  
  Energy Meter Specification (2018 Version) 
[Link]V1.0 (21 November)
  Battery Monitoring Thermal Strip Datasheet (EV only)  
  EV Rain Test Rig (EV7.3)[Link]
  Guide to Thread Penetration


Electronic submissions are to be uploaded to the appropriate section of the Google Form by the Team Leader, using a University or official team email address.

Please refer to the "2019 Formula SAE-Australasia Local Rules Addendum" for full instructions. 

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