2017 Formula SAE-A Competition

Registration is open for this year so if your team is planning on competing in the 2017 Formula SAE-A competition, sign up here to receive all important updates and announcements. If you didn't compete in 2016 and don't have a Dropbox account for your team, please contact Greg Maratos at greg@sae-a.com.au, to ensure you have one allocated to you. 

Competition Dates: 7th - 10th December, 2017

Venue: Calder Park Raceway, Calder Park  VIC  3037

Key Submission Dates

All submissions are to be made via Dropbox. If you do not have a Dropbox account allocated to your team, contact Rose De Amicis via email at the SAE-A Office - rose@sae-a.com.au. For form downloads click here.

All Team Registration Period Open         13 February, 2017

Business Logic Case to be submitted by 5pm       28 April, 2017

Notice of Intent for Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) by 5pm         19 May, 2017

Australian/New Zealand Team Payment Period Closes at 5pm         21 July, 2017

International Team Payment Period Closes at 5pm       1 September, 2017

FMEA for ETC - Electronic Copy Received by 5pm 15 September, 2017

FMEA for ETC - Hard Copy Received by 5pm 22 September, 2017

Structure Equivalency Form to be submitted by 5pm 22 September, 2017

Impact Attenuator Data to be submitted by 5pm 22 September, 2017

Design Report, Design Spec Sheet to be submitted by 5pm 6 October, 2017

Design Video to be submitted by 5pm 6 October, 2017

Cost Report Electronic to be submitted by 5pm 13 October, 2017

CAMS License Application Forms Due  9 November, 2017

Cost Report Hardcopy to be submitted by 5pm 10 November, 2017

Team Member Lists Due 10 November, 2017

Electric Vehicles Only

Electrical Systems Officer and Electrical Systems Advisor Form Received by 5pm 15 September, 2017

ESF & FMEA - Electronic Copy Received by 5pm 15 September, 2017

ESF & FMEA - Hard Copy Received by 5pm 22 September, 2017

Formula SAE-A Program Overview

The SAE-A hosts the annual Formula SAE-A event. This is a 4 day international, student engineering competition centered on the design, construction and racing of an internal combustion or electric race car up to 710cc/80kW. The competition presents students with the opportunity to develop their skills in design, management, manufacturing, communication, research and business operations in a real world environment. Formula Students are highly sought after across the engineering mobility industry.

Formula SAE-A Promotional Videos

With thanks to GM Holden, we had some videos professionally developed from the team at Visual Culture. Feel free to use them when discussing Formula SAE-A with family, friends, or when approaching potential sponsors.

A quick snapshot providing an insight into the Formula SAE-A competition

A detailed look into the work University motorsport teams put into designing and building their own Formula One style vehicle

2016 Formula SAE-A Event Video

Compliments of In Pit Lane, RMITV Student Television, Telstra and RMIT University; The dynamic events of the 2016 Formula SAE-A competition have been made available with live commentary all throughout. Click Here to watch the videos.

“The skills learnt through Formula SAE-A are invaluable - not only the technical but the leadership and communication skills which ultimately make for better employees
- Prof Harry Watson

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