5 - 8 December 2019
Winton Motor Raceway, Rural City of Benalla - Victoria, Australia

About the event

We can guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like Formula SAE-A – a competition, now in its 20th year, where university students design, build and compete in their very own Formula-style open-wheeled racing car.

Formula SAE-A has been embraced by Universities since its 2000 inception and forms part of the 12-month curriculum program.

Each December, thousands of students, volunteers and spectators get to experience around 35 university teams pitting their machines head-to-head in this educational program. And the secret’s out. The event is now also attracting teams from the across the world including UK, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand and USA.

The STEMs approach of applying rigorous academic concepts and pairing that with real-world experience, enables students to make the connection between education, community and the workplace.

Formula SAE-A graduates are in huge demand. Problem-solving and developing quick and cost-effective solutions on the go are what industry is seeking in the next-generation STEMs workforce.

Team members are headhunted for their unique skillsets in engineering, management, leadership, teamwork, marketing and finance, each honed to perfection in this real-life commercial project.

Through Formula SAE-A we are creating the next innovators, superstars and leaders of tomorrow’s mobility and transport technologies sector. And by making the event known to every industry sector, we’re introducing these young engineers to prospective employers who need team members that can ‘hit the ground running’ from day one of their careers.

WIN News coverage of 2018 Formula SAE-A Competition

Credit: @Renee Arndt

“When you’ve got a resume that shows you’ve participated in Formula SAE-A compared to someone that hasn’t, that’s what makes you stand out.” Mitch Phillips – Past FSAE-A Team Member, current Design & Release Engineer, Ford Asia Pacific

“Mixing technical excellence with competition really hones the student’s skills and makes them ready for the workplace.” Kevin Hayward – Lecturer, Edith Cowan University

2018 Competition Review

SAE-A would like to thank Holden for producing this video in conjunction with the team at Visual Culture.

“Formula SAE is the stand-out event for young engineers wanting to prove their abilities and work as a team. It’s a great event that brings talent, education, industry and volunteers together in a fun and exciting environment. And we’re proud to be part of it.” Mounir Kiwan – Corporate Affairs, Bosch Australia

“The classroom is really good for learning the fundamentals, but it’s nothing like actually being involved in this sort of program.” Alyssa Black – Mizzou Racing, University of Missouri

“It’s a real multi-faceted project that they’re working on and that develops exactly the sort of engineer that we want.” Squadron Leader David Child – Aeronautical Engineer, Royal Australian Airforce

“For sponsors, Formula SAE-A is the best place for your investment as it provides a direct line into the best engineering students Australia has to offer.” Mitch Phillips – Design & Release Engineer, Ford Asia Pacific

“RACV has supported Formula SAE-A since it was first introduced to Australia in 2000. This 12 month university based educational program promotes STEM skills and provides practical ‘hands on’ experience which can greatly enhance the professional employment opportunities of participants both locally and internationally.” Michael Case – Manager Vehicle Engineering, Public Policy & Corporate Affairs Department

“As educators, we’re always looking for ways to give students a real, authentic experience of what they are going to see in the workforce, and Formula SAE provides that.” Scott Wordley – Faculty Advisor, Monash University

"The skills learnt through Formula SAE-A are invaluable - not only the technical but the leadership and communication skills which ultimately make for better employees” Prof Harry Watson, past University of Melbourne Lecturer

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