“The skills learnt through Formula SAE-A are invaluable - not only the technical but the leadership and communication skills which ultimately make for better employees” - Prof Harry Watson


 Calder Park Raceway

Thursday December 10 through Sunday December 13, 2015. 



The SAE-A hosts the annual Formula SAE-A event. This is a 3 day international, student engineering competition centered on the design, construction and racing of an internal combustion or electric race car up to 600cc/80kW. The competition presents students with the opportunity to develop their skills in design, management, manufacturing, communication, research and business operations in a real world environment.
Formula Students are highly sought after across the engineering mobility industry.


2014 Formula SAE-A Full Event video

Compliments of In Pit Lane, RMITV Student Television and Telstra; The last day of the 2014 Formula SAE-A has been made available with live commentary of the Endurance Evemt.

2015 Australasian Addendum released. 

Business Logic Case due 30th April 2015

2015 Team Dropbox Allocation

2015 Teams please submit contact details HERE such that access can be given to each Teams Dropbox. 


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