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If you or your organisation is looking for training to improve your staff’s knowledge and skills, then perhaps we at SAE-A can help. There are a number of options available, it’s just a matter of which one best suits your needs. Through our international connection from SAE-I, we are able to offer a wide range of courses with a variety of delivery methods for you to consider. For a full list of SAE-I courses available, please click here to go straight to their website.

Instructor-Led Course through SAE-A

Should you have a need for a particular course but are not sure where to start looking, contact us and we will investigate on your behalf local facilitators who are credentialed in that particular subject matter. We will then make appropriate introductions so you can sort out any specific course requirements between your organisation and a number of potential providers. Our wide network has proven to be a reliable source of course providers.

Instructor-Led Course through SAE-International

SAE-I can offer a number of courses that require an instructor to be on-site, naturally the cost of the instructor will add to the total cost of the course, but this may be a viable option for you. Such a course price will be on application, see please advise us at SAE-A National Office and we will assist with your negotiations with SAE-International.

Instructor-Led Online Course

These are typically run from 10:30 am Eastern US Time, which is the middle of the night for us, take 2 hours over 3-4 days and are conducted like a teleconference meeting with the course material visible via WebEx and the voice of the instructor audible through your laptop, typical class size is 14-15. However it may be possible to arrange an exclusive course at a more suitable Australian time if sufficient numbers are to participate.

In Person Class Room Course

Some courses are conducted in the classroom only, compared to the above which is online, however if such a course is of interest, SAE-A may be able to negotiate that course being conducted online, however that will depend on whether or not the specific instructor is capable of such a media, most are.

Self-paced, Online Courses

These courses are online on-demand and each participant completes the training at a time convenient to them. Although the instructor is not live, it is possible to email questions or arrange a Question and Answer session at the completion of the course if required.

Cost of the USA Courses

The costs are all as per the SAE-International website, which is shown in USD, please note that there are various discounts for additional participants, with all financial transactions between the customer and SAE-International and not through SAE-A. All courses can be either paid for by the participant or by their sponsoring organisation through a voucher system.

Certificates on Completion

Although most courses are not qualification driven, certificates are provided for attendance as well as for passing the knowledge requirements.


Please contact SAE-A at this email for further information or if you require any assistance in arranging your required course.

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