This section is dedicated to questions regarding the Formula SAE-A competition including rules, costing and registration.

To ask a question, please click on the button below, make sure the subject of the email is clear or that you reference the appropriate rule and attach any images or diagrams that you will help in answering your question.

Before asking a rules related question, please read the below example to gain an understanding of the desired layout. Also ensure that you have exhausted all other resources (alumni, faculty advisor), prior to submitting a formal enquiry to the organisers. This saves both parties time, and means enquiries can be processed quicker, with less waiting time.

PLEASE NOTE: You must submit your enquiry as a .pdf document, in the template provided. Failure to do so may see your enquiry not addressed, as our filtering system might not recognise it. Click here to download the editable template.


Rules Enquiry - Example


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