SAE-A introduced VMAC to a number of industry professionals present at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo in early April. This page provides further details on the VMAC concept. The official launch will take place in the final quarter of 2017.

About VMAC

Vehicle Modification and Accessories Certification (VMAC) is a new division of the SAE-A. The VMAC concept leverages the SAE-A brand in creation of a suite of products and services that include product certification, industry forums, industry specific training and project collaborations.

VMAC Objectives

VMAC has been created to provide recognition for individuals, corporations, and products in the Aftermarket and Service Industry Sector.

Recognition may be achieved through product certification, SAE membership accreditation, or coverage in the SAE-A's various printed or electronically distributed publications.

VMAC Mission

VMAC's mission is to create value for manufacturers or retailers of automotive products and services. It will address the need for an industry wide product approval process, solving a problem that has existed in the industry since the regulation of vehicle modifications was introduced in the late 1970s.

The Vehicle Modification and Accessories Certification (VMAC) project will provide piece of mind for your customers and a sales advantage for your business.

This is your opportunity to tap into a source of recognition and development for your employees, your products, and your business. It will be achieved through a new division of the SAE A, named VMAC, and its activities will be focussed on:

Providing a compliance mark, product documentation, and certification process where businesses can use VMAC product certification to gain a point of sale advantage over non certified products

Facilitating information forums for networking with other industry people and review of technical issues facing the aftermarket and service industry

An annual conference on vehicle modification and accessories development planned for November 2017

SAE-A training and accreditation in core skills on managing product risks, improving product reliability and performance, reducing product development and manufacturing costs through new processes and technologies, and gaining industry and government support

VMAC will be an SAE-A Division and will comprise a divisional committee, a technical review committee, and a grading committee, all comprised of SAE-A members from the industry.

That’s right, the division will be managed and controlled by industry people, and you could be one of them.

Send us an email, give us a call, or visit our National Office to register your interest in becoming involved with the VMAC project. This will ensure that you are kept updated on the formation and implementation of this critical industry development.


5th - 7th April SAE-A introduced the VMAC concept to our industry at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo

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