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Important note to all teams

Please be advised that you are requested to hold any queries you are planning to submit relating to the SES relating to whether you may be wanting to enter a 2019 or a 2020 car this year; or whether you should be using a 2019 or 2020 SES; or any differences between the 2019 and 2020 SES.

At this time we are considering the details of how we will hold the 2020 event in the Covid19 environment. We hope to resolve this, with formal announcements, in the next few weeks, which will clarify some of the aspects of your questions.  In the meantime, please hold your SES questions and then submit or resubmit, as new questions, any issues which may then be present after the detail announcements have been made.   

Subsequent announcements will include directions regarding any SES submissions and how we will administer them. 

Questions which relate specifically to the 2020 Rules or 2020 Addendum, and relate to your vehicle design, which may also have related SES implications, may still be submitted. 

FSAE-A Rules Committee

Rules and Important Documents

Formula SAE Sales Presentation Documents, Design Evaluation Documents, Cost Report Documents, Technical Inspection Documents, and Competition Resources can now be found by visiting the Series Resources tab at

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    FSG Rules

FSAE-A Addendum 

(Last updated 18 March 2020)

With the rapidly evolving social-distancing requirements as a result of COVID-19, we understand that this situation is likely to limit the hands-on development of this year’s cars. SAE-A are working with the universities to find the best way around this and move forward with the 2020 competition.

The following Rules Addendum is correct at the time of publication, however as the impact of COVID-19 progresses it may be necessary to review and modify our Rules accordingly.  We will advise you of any changes at the appropriate time.

The local Formula SAE-A 2020 Rules Addendum (V2: 12 March 2020)

The following should be noted:

  • The greatest change is in the positioning of clauses and layout to conform with the significant realignment of Sections and Clauses   in the US/International 2020 FSAE Rules. There are very few significant Vehicle Design or Event Procedures changes for 2020 in either the US Rules or the local Addendum.
  • The Chassis and Structural rules are now in their own section in the US 2020 Rules. This also includes related items previously in the IC and EV sections. Review this section, as some detail requirements within it have changed.
  • The 2020 US Rules also clarify a number of items where teams had concerns with interpretation or needed to be updated to reflect current practices. These include Cockpit Template checks, Firewalls, Side Impact, Driver Template and Driver Seat position, EV Accumulators and Mounting
  • There has been a small reduction in Addendum Clauses where the US 2020 Rules have picked up some of our 2019 requirements. Changes in Design/Administration/Event Procedures clauses are shown in blue font to assist ready identification.
  • All queries relating to the US Rules and the Local Addendum should be submitted via the process outlined on the SAE-A formula web site HERE.   Please provide enough explanation so that we can understand why you have an issue. If you have a suggested solution, provide that as well. If there are thought to be any significant clarifications needed that would affect all teams then please email

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