Research of Industry Sectors

SAE-A is working with the key industry bodies and companies representing more than 8 industry sectors, in addition to education institutes, to identify areas of opportunity for automotive professionals transitioning.

We are quantifying: the size of these industries and their professional workforce, their growth rate, professional skills shortages and skills alignment to the automotive sector.

In addition SAE-A is identifying what professional development may be required by interested automotive professionals to expedite a transition. This information will be made available to all automotive professionals to assist in informing their career planning.

IPWG originally set out to research 8 main industry sectors in an attempt to map skills sets of one sector (automotive) these new sectors. As the research has progressed, we have identified new growth sectors and the final list has increased as follows:

sec 0


sec 1


sec 2


sec 3

Manufacturing and Agriculture

sec 4

Oil, Gas, Energy

sec 5

Mining and Metals

sec 6

Defence and Space

sec 7

Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services

sec 8


 sec 9 Power Generation 
 sec 10 Rail Industry 
 sec 11 Red Meat Industry 

The IPWG has already completed working on 11 sectors and detailed reports of each have been published in separate news letters. Also, reciprocal flyers between auto industry professionals and the targetted sectors have been distributed. This section of the IPWG research is now completed.  

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