IPWG Update: Health Sector Opportunities

SAE-A Newsletter - May, IPWG update: Health Sector Opportunities

by: Peiman Rajaiee - Manager, IPWG

On 11th May 2015, the SAE-A’s Industry Programs Working Group (IPWG) met with the Department of Economic Development (DED), International Health Industries Sector, to discuss and understand the opportunities available in that sector.
The Health Sector includes 8 sub sectors:

  1. Clinical research
  2. Constructional facility and design
  3. Life sciences (Pharmaceuticals)
  4. Medical technology (Medical Devices)
  5. Aged care
  6. Digital health (Virtual Reality)
  7. International collaboration
  8. Education and training

Hundreds of Pharmaceutical firms are currently active in Victoria. This industry sector is crying out for data analysis experts - and with almost 78% of this industry’s leaders coming from an automotive background - the industry already has a great awareness of the automotive professionals’ skills and capabilities that they can bring into the industry.

Through discussions with the IPWG, the Health Sector is willing to hold 2-3 day on site introduction programs, for individuals who indicate their interest through IPWG.

In coming days, IPWG will announce an event to run by Department of Education and Training (DET), and Department of Economic Development (DED) for further communication on the sector and the placement program.

In the meantime, IPWG will be launching its Automotive Professionals’ Survey soon.
The survey will help characterise the automotive industry, through individual responses to:

  • Current Automotive Professional’s employment status and separation date
  • Individual needs, requirements and expectations for the future
  • Automotive / Non-automotive experience
  • Technical and general engineering skills

The results from this survey will enable the IPWG to connect automotive professionals with relevant industries and localities. This information will act as a two way communications conduit in the process between auto professionals and industry sectors, See the figure on the right. (Information will be communicated to industry sectors as statistical data or skills match matrix only. No individual information will be shared with any third party)

IPWG invites all Automotive professionals who would like to indicate their interest in job placement opportunities in Medical technology (or other industry sectors), to take the following steps:

  • Follow SAE-A in LinkedIn to receive news and updates
  • Be prepared for the Automotive Professional Survey and complete the survey questionnaire
  • Send an email to IPWG@sae-a.com.au to subscribe and receive regular IPWG updates including the release of the survey.

And, stay tuned for further communication of IPWG through the SAE-A website and upcoming LinkedIn Page!

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