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SAE-A Newsletter - April - IPWG Launch

by: Peiman Rajaiee - Manager, IPWG

On the 28th April 2015, the Department of Education and Training, (State Of Victoria) and Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia, SAE-A established a partnership to provide specialized support for the automotive engineers directly impacted by the closure of the major automotive manufacturers in Australia and launched the program as IPWG (Industry Programs Working Group).

The SAE-A, through its “Industry Programs Working Group” will be assisting Australian industry sectors by raising their awareness on the capabilities of Automotive Engineers as applied in different disciplines as well as promoting their general engineering skills.

SAE-A President Adrian Feeney commended the team “Our Board Director, Martha Oplopiadis, and Executive Director Natalie Roberts have done a wonderful job bringing our IPWG proposal to fruition and this initiative fits within the strategic direction that the Society is working towards.”

Executive Director Natalie Roberts welcomes Peiman Rajaiee to the role of Manager – IPWG. “We welcome Peiman to the team and look forward to him assisting engineers transitioning out of automotive to other sectors and communicating the benefits that these highly skilled engineers will bring to their new roles. We are appreciative of the support from the Department of Education and Training through their funding of the program and are excited that the benefits will be realised by the broader automotive engineering community and not just our members.”


1- Industry Research (In Progress)

SAE-A is working with the key industry bodies and companies representing more than eight industry sectors, in addition to education institutes, to identify areas of opportunity for automotive professionals transitioning.
We are quantifying: the size of these industries and their professional workforce, their growth rate, professional skills shortages and skills alignment to the automotive sector.
In addition SAE-A is identifying what professional development may be required by interested automotive professionals to expedite a transition. This information will be made available to all automotive professionals to assist in informing their career planning.

2- Research of Automotive Professionals (Survey Launched Soon)

SAE-A is surveying automotive professionals in order to understand their individual needs, requirements and expectations for the future, the results from this survey enabling the IPWG to maximise the benefits in connecting automotive professionals with relevant industries and localities. This information will act as a two way communications conduit:

  • Communicating the breadth of talent of the automotive professional to other sectors;
  • Communicating employment opportunities back to the automotive engineer; and
  • Informing the automotive professional about upcoming and relevant events.

You can register your interest to participate in the survey and to stay informed by emailing:

 3- Skills Matrix – Mapping the Automotive Professional with other Sectors

Develop a skills matrix, overlaying the automotive professional against other industry sectors.
Decode industry specific ‘jargon’ in job titles and resumes to promote understanding of relevant skills and experience.

You will hear more about IPWG in coming days and weeks, so stay tuned!

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