What Automotive Engineers Bring to Other Industries

SAE-A Newsletter April - AAAA

Walking the aisles of the Melbourne Exhibition centre with exhibitors showcasing their automotive accessories products in light filled stands, it was good to see that business is thriving in the aftermarket automotive space.

The SAE-A ran an event at the AAAA on the capabilities of the Automotive Engineer. The topic of discussion focussed on what it means to be an automotive engineer and what an automotive engineer can bring to other sectors of Australian industry including auto after market.

Did you know that automotive engineers work on global projects applying business and technical skills to deliver integrated products to the customer?  Most people are unaware of this. But even if you happen to be amongst that minority who are aware of strong capabilities of a Mechanical, Electrical, Metallurgical, ... engineer in automotive sector, you may still be astonished to learn how closely auto industry design and development process sits by construction building processes, to the extent that at some stage certain employers in building construction industry were looking for automotive engineers to join them!

Or how an automotive engineer can take an automotive component manufacturing business and through diversification move to manufacturing medical equipment.  It makes sense because engineers are innovators!

Our guest speakers for the night were Mario Turcarelli and George Konstandakos, both previous GM Holden Automotive Engineers who between them share over 40 years of automotive experience and have transitioned to new industries.

Stay tuned for exciting news about the Industry Programs Working Group!

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